The Full Bloom Film Festival is dedicated to bringing quality,  diverse, cinema to Statesville, NC, a multifaceted art-conscious city in  North Carolina.  Just North of Charlotte, there is something for  everyone. FBFF will take place in 2024 from September 5th - 7th in and around Historic Downtown Statesville.

The Festival is organized by a committed group of area business  leaders, film enthusiasts and volunteers. The Festival is collaborative  effort supported by:

  • City of Statesville
  • Iredell Arts Council
  • Iredell–Statesville Schools
  • Mitchell Community College
  • Statesville Chamber of Commerce
  • Statesville Recreation and Parks Department

Iredell Arts Council

The Full Bloom Film Festival is an event hosted by the nonprofit Iredell Arts Council (501(c)(3)).

IAC Mission: To initiate, support and advance the arts and cultural activities in Iredell County.

IAC Vision: To make a noticeable impact, through the arts, on the  quality of life and the creative economy in the surrounding communities.

The Iredell Arts Council exists to provide a center for the arts in  Iredell County, helping to create a richer fabric of the arts woven into  our communities, schools, and citizenship.

We believe that art makes life better because individuals can be  moved and uplifted by art, spreading their positive reaction across the  community and creating a better place to live.

The IAC is committed to making the arts in Iredell County accessible  to everyone and representative of our diverse population. We believe  that the arts can be the key to an engaged and prosperous county. Not  only is Iredell a “valley of flowing air” but a “valley of flowing art”;  changing lives and shaping communities as it travels.

IAC Working Values: The Iredell Arts Council, the Executive Director,  Board of Directors and volunteers work together to serve the mission in  a respectful and positive manner, reflecting our core values and  maintaining diversity in our programming and support.